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Going to the dragstrip sat. any advise?

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Taking my 14' 1000xt outlander to the dragstrip Saturday. It is stock with a vforcejohn primary. Any guesses on what it will run? I'm worried I won't b able to keep the front end down without letting off. Even leaning over the bars it wants to wheelie. I have 28" tires on it and I'm putting 26" on for the strip which should only make it worse. Anyone strapped the suspension down in the front like they do on bikes? I've raced mustangs so I'm familiar with the track but just looking for ideas! It's all for fun but it's always fun trying to get all ya can out of her! I better not call vforcejohn or I'll definitely end up with a pipe and tuner! Lol thanks for any ideas
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Whatever you do, make sure to post the results!
I will. Hoping to get in the 15's @ 74-75? No matter what it will b fun
I would get rid of the speed limiter first. I'm not sure what distance you are racing but I'm sure you might top out at 76-77 mph being limited by the stupid computer.
What do u think he can get out of it with the limiter removed?
Mine ran 84 on GPS on snow with Fully Muzzy and tuner otherwise stock.
What do u think he can get out of it with the limiter removed?

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get as low to the ground as possible. Crank the shocks down, compress them as far as you can and chain them down if you really wanna get 'er done.
Does the power steering rob hp? Do I wan it on minimum or does it matter?
Planned on strapping er down!
Thanks for all the posts!
I hope you aren't turning much on the racetrack! lol
Its electric, so don't mess with it.
Does a tuner get rid of the speed limiter?

Tied it down last night and it made a big difference. I can come out of the hole without wheeling to bad now!
15.15 @ 76.5mph on the limiter at the end of the track. Still running. Cooling it down an tryin for a 14.99! I'm 215 so if my 170 buddy jumps on I might get it!
good luck
15.12 was the best. Instagrahm - brossie1700 u can see most of the run
That speed limiter was hurting it for sure.
come to find out i think i was hitting the rev limiter not the speed limiter. need a little heavier weights in the clutch! Going back next week and we will see!
Sounds fun, being that you are pretty well maxed out on a Quarter mile pass, I'd be more focused on your 1/8 mile times. Do you still have your time slips, if so be sure an post the 660' (1/8) time.
Drag Racing is a lot of fun, growing up my father had a split window corvette racecar. I literary grew up at the local Drag strips around here every weekend. Back in the early 2000's I raced motorcycles, it was a family thing on the weekend with the wife and kids. Tons of fun it is. When my boy gets done with the Army and comes home we have plans to build another Harley Drag Bike and do it again.
The rev limiter you will FEEL as it slams off and on. The speed limiter just gradually takes the power away.
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