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Good morning, I've lurked around here for a bit watching info on certain BRP products of which I have read with lots of interest. I recently joined the Can Am ranks but I come from Arctic Cat of which I have rode since 2006 and accumulated between 13-14000 kms. We love to ride in our family.
Last Friday I purchased my first Can Am, and I'm really pleased with it but I've got to get use to the difference in ground clearance. I loved this style of bike since its introduction in 2007 and followed its development since and I'm very proud to own one now.
2015 Renegade XXC 1000!
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This thing rips! I think I have whiplash from the excelleration!
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride!!
My buddy had them made up. They're JD Rockets.
Nice setup!
Welcome to the site!
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