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My buddy bought a 2011 Commander. He managed to ride it for about 4 hours before the engine seized up on it. Once he tore it down, we found that the plug on the side of the engine, that covers the crank hole was missing. We were thinking it was left off by the previous owner. They probably swamped the bike and just unloaded it on my friend.
He is pretty much tapped out for cash, he sold about everything he had to get this bike.
The engine is a big bore MRRPM engine. Not sure about the details.
The connecting rods are definitely seized on the crank. He pulled the heads off, and the rods will not move at all. We haven't torn it down any further yet.

Does anyone have advice for rebuilding this? We are both mechanically savvy, but not sure about the intricacy's of the brp v twin.

He had priced a couple shops rebuilding it and they said anywhere from 2500 up to 4k for a rebuild....
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