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HID kit questions

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I have an outlander 500 Iam looking at installing an hid light kit. Super atv has a kit for 100 bucks. That is for the slim ballast and 5k bulbs. Are these worth a shit and if so where is a good place to mount the ballasts?
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I would just get an LED bar. HID lights get extremely hot.
Yeah but being hot shouldn't bother anything should it. Iam wanting a factory install kit. Plug and play for a good price.
Been down the HID route...

My humble advise would be to get an LED lightbar. My HIDs lasted about a year and were a nightmare to install/find a good ground. These lights have too many connections, relays, etc. that do not react very well to getting wet...
If you want plug an play some people have upgraded to LED bulbs instead of HIDs. However, there seems to be a large consensus who go with a LED bar.

You can get the knockoffs for about the same as a HID install and in theory have more light. Some say the knockoffs are ok other's hate them. Biggest complaints I've seen for knock offs is they leak or the wiring harness is a piece of crap.

I plan to eventually get a Sirius, Vision X or Rigid. Rigid / Vision X from what I've read are top of the line. Sirius is made my Rigid but just to a slightly lesser spec. I also plan to upgrade my headlights to LED.
I have HID's in my outlander, so bright that the bikes in front of me can turn their headlights off! I would recommend them!

Wat brand are your hids and where did you buy them
I had a Hella 35 watt hid on my utility, crazy bright but I shorted the power when my cord broke and burned out a $175 ballast. I also had a rigid 20" light bar. I would really recommend the light bar, the rigid are darn near bullet proof and output is awesome. They are expensive but I was very impressed, and I am an "hid guy". I have had custom hid lights in the past, some "crazy expensive" and think that high quality led lights are more sturdy, reliable and are really starting get to have great output.
here is the site I ordered my kit from, they are cheap to replace parts if needed.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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