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High or Low

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When to use "H" or "L"? I know this is a rookie question but i want to know from people who know and haved used these ATVs. I have only used my ATV for plowing so far but am planning a trip soon so i want to be sure i'm using the right gear.
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H and L

Here my 2 cents from experience. I have a 2013 500 XT. First trip out 2 years ago in about 6 inches of mud the belt squealed in high. Not owning a belt machine before I was pissed. Right then I call the sales man and sent him pics of what I was in and he said LOW for anything slow and technical. I even use low to put he bike on my tilt ski doo trailer.So since then I treat it like a geared machine and use low in all the hard technical stuff and only high for nice trail riding above 25 to 30 km's and beyond.
check out the manual. I am in "h" most of the time except if pulling or technical hills etc.
When pulling a load or going less than 25 mph use low...other than that use high.....I use low 90% of the time...
do you have to be stopped to switch from "H" to "L" or reverse?
just in case you don't have manual, here is what the manual says: H: High Gear, this selects the high speed range of the transmission in the gear box. It is the normal driving speed range. It allows the vehicle to reach its maximum speed. L:Low Gear, this selects the low speed range of th transmission in the gear box. It is the working position. It allows the vhecile to move slowly with the maximum traction and power. NOTE: Use the low speed range to pull any load or to climb a steep incline.
do you have to be stopped to switch from "H" to "L" or reverse?

Just wanted to be clear on the answer lol
So i guess picking your way through a trail would be low anything over 25mph will be "H"
not in my case. I am in High all the time except for the options to be in Low. Spawn and probably others are in Low most of the time. For me to be in Low and starting to excel in speed, it seems my engine is looking for another gear but that is my case. I just go by what the manual says and it works for me.
So i guess picking your way through a trail would be low anything over 25mph will be "H"
For me any time under 20kmh for any extended period I use low. If there's any amount of mud, use low. Plowing, pulling or towing use low. And always stop to go L-H or H-L.
Hi for cruising speeds, low for work, mud, technical, slow, stop go, etc.
Anything under 25 use low??? That would be so hard for me as my riding varrys from 5-50. Having to stop to shift would be a pain. Im coming close to 900 miles on mine and I only use low for a few things. Loading on the truck,Plowing and pulling a heavy load. If I will be going 5mph or under for any longer than a few mins ill use low. Take this as you will but it works for me and my belt is fine with no abnormal wear or noise.
I kind of used the rule of thumb that if I figured I needed 4wd I put it in low also. Of course there was exceptions, mostly in the winter. My Outty would do 70kph or better in low anyway so it wasn't a big deal.
Almost any time I feel the need for 4wd, I use low. Not always but often.
I notice most guys that are in high most the time have stock or closer to stock tires, with the outlaws and dalton myd runner I am in low most the time unless wide open feild or quick road shot to the trail
The 25 mph point is pretty high IMO. Maybe for large mud tires. For me, I go by RPM more often than not. I stick to about 3500 rpm and below (on average) for Low range. Really, unless you are crawling along at under 10 mph, pulling a load or climbing a steep incline, you can use high.

Learn to "blip" the throttle to engage the belt. I can crawl really slowing and not slip my belt. Just takes practice.
i had 30x11x14, all around and now run 26.5x11x14 all around. Pit Bull rockers. Always in high unless i need to go low
As a general rule, 28's and smaller, you can use high 90% of the time. Larger than 28's id say use low unless your traveling faster than 35 or 40 for an extended period.

Always use low when climbing steep hills which you lose most momentum on and have to really throttle up, mud holes or towing. High is fine for everything else.

Or just get an QSC primary and you can use high almost all the time since is has a smaller one way bearing. I only use low for the thick mud. Love not having to shift 98% of the time lol

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I ues low when I know I am going in deep mud or water or when I know the trails will not allow more than 20 mph (not very often) for like 5 minutes or more
For the longest time I just used low on my 2012 Outlander 1000xt for everything, and when going back to our annual camp site (40 miles),I would be lucky to have 1 bar on the fuel gauge, and when towing a trailer back there I would have to put fuel in before getting to the camp site to make sure I didn't run out at an inopportune time. Then one day had to make a high-speed run out of there, put it in high most of the way out and when I got to roadhouse, I still have 3-4 bars left. (thought that I could go all the way back in without refueling, but of course I didn't try that). Anyway, after that, I started using High gear whenever I could (anytime I thought I could be running above 18mph). I did not keep exact records, but my guess would be that I gained at least 2-3 mpg by running it in high and probably more.
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