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Hose routing

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new to the forum and can-am’s. Just bought my 4 yo a Ds 70 and I’m pretty satisfied. It already has the 90 throttle cable and the work done on the transmission. My only issue up till now is a hose. I have looked and looked and for the life of me can not figure out where the hose on the front side of this air cleaner box goes and I’m about to lose my mind. There is a hose that comes off the exhaust and circles around under the seat area and then lands on the nipple at be the top side of the box. The box having a barb on the bottom nipple clearly means it’s not suppose to just be open like this. Were the hoses run incorrectly at one point by the previous owner?

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Welcome to the site

As mentioned above, BRP hosts their product lineup parts catalogs on their site, free to use. You could also download your service manual from the site here, Freewill hosts 'em, pretty sure there's a DS one in the list (y)
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