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how long will the engine last with piston slap

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hi all,

I have an 500 rene with piston slap.:th_smiliefrustrated. How long will the engine last it has 2000 miles on it. Also how bad is piston slap?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you post a vid?
Had a Chevy 350 I put 120,000 miles on with piston slap. My buddy is still driving it. :smilietwocents:
Are you sure you have piston slap? I've had a 500 with 13000 miles and the motor was never touched besides the stator.
The motor has never been upside down and always used brp oil.

heres a link to the video

Sounds more like valves that need to be adjusted more than piston slap.
Valves are a little rattly....piston slap noise sounds like Can Am clutch noise at idle....
Yea sounds like valves just adjust them correctly and try it out. If you do need a top end grab one of these 640 Big Bores
Adjust the valves.
One positive way to think about it.. Like stated get that 640 kit, bad boy will be a huge step up
Sounds fine to me aside from the valve clatter. Get those puppies back in spec and then see how it sounds with the clutch cover off. I would be willing to bet the "piston slap" gets louder.. Lol. Sounds more like stock clutch noise than piston slap. Try the old screwdriver to your ear pressed against the engine trick to see if you can hear anything better that way.
would piston slap sound different to that sound? When I rev a bit it goes away then when back at idle it comes back.
Yes, it would be more of a clank sound, louder, and would get worse if you reeves it. It's your valves
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Thanks No Fly Zone. In terms of adjusting the valves im able to remove the front valve cover fairly easily, but im having trouble removing the rear valve cover as it hits the frame when trying to pull it out.
It will come out.... Just takes a lil finesse to get it outta there.
It'll come out. Take the cover and turn it 90 degrees.. So the higher side is to the back and it'll come out with working it.
one more question. If it was piston slap would my oil filter have flakes of metal in it?
Flakes of metal on an oil filter is never a good thing. You need to find out whats going on... if its "flakes" I would say rod bearing. If its shiny dust it could be a few different things.
Pretty sure its not a rod bearing because it would get seriously worse when you revved it.
Ok thanks. I haven't taken the oil filter out yet. 30 more hours to go before the next service. When I take the oil filter out what should I look for?
Thanks guys, got around to adjusting the valves they where TIGHT. Loosened them up to specs and it runs much quieter now.
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