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how many hours you got?

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A baby 650 MAX XT


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That is actually 1212hrs on a 2016 570. The guy we take care of cows for has two of them. The other pry has 1500 hours and 12k miles.

This defender is a 2021 hd8.
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I have a 2013 800 Max XT with 188 hours and 1273 miles....I feel like that's pretty low?
Not bad. That average is 6.7 mph. Pretty normal.

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I assume the miles / hours start over with a new gauge so if the previous owner changes due to failure, crashing or a crook then you start over.
No. Hours are kept in Ecu. Cluster keeps mileage. So if you replace cluster just mileage is back at zero. On that style of guage I posted it started over at 1000 hours. Not sure why.

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So at what hour count would you guys say no thanks to a used machine?

Granted a well maintained machine with high hours is always better than, a machine with 10 hours where the owner forgot to put the oil back in after a oil change.
I am still trying to figure out what the lifecycle of an atv is.
My 94 Bayou 220 should not be alive based on the visible abuse it has taken over the decades.
My 01 Traxter shows a very low mileage yet the tires were worn out.....hmmmmm. Garage kept and well maintained but still likely more time on it than shown.
The 04 outlander 400 has the original tires (well 3 of them) still in decent shape as well as what I would consider low miles and hours but is now old so there is that thing we all dread... time.

I also assume the bigger the engine the more time it spends at lower throttle settings than a small machine that runs at higher rpm all the time just to keep up. I also assume the riding you do has a great effect, life in the mud vs a strictly trail rig must effect the longevity.

What hours have you seen (without a rebuild) on .....
Unfortunately most of the BRP machines with higher mileage. The instrument cluster is either not working or stops at a certain hour. The 2016 style they just go crazy and I have seen them say the machine had 70000 miles and it obviously didn't.

On the nicer style screen they stop at 1079 hours.

I had a 2018 defender hd10 with 24500 miles. Our defenders usually average around 7.5 mph. Which would put it at 3200 hours.

That is the most I have seen on a Rotax or pretty much any sxs atv around here.

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