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Before I start posting a few things on here I wanted to briefly tell you guys who Hunterworks is.

We have been in the UTV accessory and performance parts business since April of 2003.

We do alot of testing, own a lot of the vehicles, race cross country,build engines etc. All this means we are not just selling products for a profit, we use them ourselves.

On the Can Am Commander I actually helped develop it working with Can Am three years before it ever came out. Flew to Can Am in Valcourt to their test facility and tested protypes.

We presently do not offer a bunch for the Can Am line, one because we don't own one and we don't like to push too many items we can't back up with tech support.

So for a little while what we can supply is going to be limited but we have something in the works.

Right now, we will be trying to sell the Gates C12 Carbon Fiber belts and move from there.

I will tell you my personality is blunt and to the point. I will not BS you or sell you something inferior or that you don't need. I make bold statements but they are backed up through personal experience.

Feel free to contact me via, message, e-mail or phone.

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