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Idle issue

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2012 650 Outlander

Start the bike it idles around 1300 RPM
Idle for 2 min for warm up
Hit throttle and engine does not return to idle and stays at around 3000 rpm

Throttle cable was removed and lubed. Bike started with out cable and throttled manually. Still does not return to idle.

All battery terminals are tight and battery is fully charged and passed load test.

Any one have any ideas?? TPS???

I have searched the group and nothing has helped yet.
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Air filter clean?
RKC05 Yes filter was cleaned and re oiled.

Good news though, I took my bike into my dealership " Truchon Fuels" in Sturgeon Falls. I explained my issue and symptoms. I was asked if I had the battery out. I stated yes I had to replace the stock winch and had the battery out for a couple days. He went to the bike started it with out touching the throttle and let idle for 10 min never touching the throttle. After 10 min he shut the bike down and restarted. Amazingly the idle had returned to normal and my issue had disappeared. He stated the computer had to relearn much like a car after battery disconnect. Lesson's "CAN" teach an old mechanic new tricks...Happy happy happy. :th_smiliebanana2:
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