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I'm an idiot. Used car soap. HELP!

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I just washed my outty yesterday after a weekend long ride fest.

Used a new bottle of car soap in a 5 gallon bucket. Now just noticed my black handle bar covers are splotchy/cloudy.

Can I bring these things back to life? I'm pretty pissed off at myself!
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Sure it's not hard water deposits? Never had any problems either. Only other guess is you used some kind of of a wax product rather then soap and it left a film.
I think it was hard water....hehe

I went down and threw some windex on a few spots to check and it looks good now. Just over reacted but thought I may have stripped down the finish on the plastic.

Thanks for calming me down!
The amonia in Windex might be as hard on the plastic finish as anything, glad it was just a film on there though. Might have to wipe it down by hand next time and dry it good.
Some no touch tire care makes it all look new again. Just wipe it down after
I use the turtle wax tire shine on all black items and the plastic. It really helps with black parts to make them look new again and removes dirt stains from them, try it!
Want it to Look Like new after you are done washing it? Go on Amazon and look for this item Maxima SC1 Silicone Spray. It makes everything shine nice
Go to dollar general or some store like that and get the cheapest foam tire shine.. I've been getting the 2.00 dg band and 1 can does my outty 2 times or so. Makes it look perfect and does the same thing as the expensive 5.00 sprays do
I totally agree! Tire Foam is the greatest clean & shine stuff going. Not so groovey on handles, seats, brakes, gear shift knobs & various other things to grab onto.
Baby oil works great too. Dolar store stuff.
White Vinegar will remove these stains

White vinegar is excellent, neutral and it will remove stains. It will even remove lime stains from car paint.
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