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In need of help....where do I get 2014 DS450 parts

The son endo'd into mother earth and I've had his quad at the dealer for a while now. I will likely sell it given he paralyzed himself so I'm not looking to drop a fortune at the dealer, but I've come to a crossroads regarding do I repair it myself and save labor or pay the dealer. I want to explore my options and would appreciate any guidance you all could provide.

What I've been told is the dealer can't quite pin down what is wrong since all of the frame measurements seem to line up. I fully trust this dealer and I'm not seeking to go to another one since the others are let's just say less than honorable. My guys are recommending replacing various front end components to correct the quad pulling the left. Of course, I also have to replace the busted parts too. The busted includes fan, radiator, bumper bent handle bars. The replace includes ball joints, tie rod ends, maybe tie rods.

What are the best manufacturers for replacement parts if it's cheaper or is it better to pay the CanAm tax? Also replace it myself and save labor or is this a dealer level job? Thanks in advance!
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