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In need of some narrow wheels spacers.

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Got a 2010 Rene 800 the front tires are rubbing on the tie rod ends so I need to move them out some. Need to be about 10mm or so just enough to clear. The reason why is because my gate is only wide enough that I rub now so 1" or bigger will not work. Anybody have any or now where to get them? All I'm seeing is 1" and bigger. Thanks!
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Find someone that does machining and will make them for you, or get an offset rim.

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I have 4, only need 2. Fits my 07 Outlander. 3/16" or so thick aluminum.
What's the width on your tires?
Rubberdown will make spacers with any thickness you want. Good quality stuff too:
rubberdown customs - atv Wheel Spacers , Do it your self installation instructions, front and back kits
Cool thanks guys I basically made my own. Lol. Venom they are 9" wide. Rikter how much?
Not sure but do the G2 Rene's have more tire clearance than the G1 models, thought 9" front could clear easily, sorry not trying to hijack your thread
Would you give me $20 per spacer? so $40 plus shipping. I drive down to Eureka Montana regularly so I can send them to you with no customs interference. To confirm thickness: 1/4 inch thick aluminum.
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