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Is it worth they $1k for a max L for a single rider?

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Is it worth $300 for a max L for a single rider?

I have read several posters say they will only buy 2 ups from now on, even though they ride solo...because of the extra stability the longer wheelbase provides. It is only another $300 to do that because the single in camo vs the grey in max version (no camo in max)...thoughts?

I am a solo rider.
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For a single rider?
Unless you are climbing hills all day i would say no.

I just recently got the L max and i find too long for my taste.
Those extra 8 inches really make a difference.
Plus when traversing difficult terrain you might get stuck more easily due to the longer wheelbase.

But for 2 persons its a joy, my gf thanks me.
Thanks very much...that is what I wanted to know...8 inches seems like a I can get the single in camo, which is what I really want for a color.

How is the heat on the left side?

Any other opinions?
I really don't know about the heat because mine has some issues so i have not driven it much.
But from what i can tell just from looking underneath the exhaust pipe seems well insulated.
Money would be better spent moving up to the 650 rather than a max L for 1 up riding if the budget can handle it...... just my opinion.
650 does not have the warranty...also has DSS key...I prefer the mechanical...point well taken though...I think the budget will have all it can take on the local dealer will only sell at MSRP...should I be able to do better elsewhere?
If you wait until july or August, you'll get the 650 for the same price...
If you can hold off I always buy my toys new when the next year model are out and take advantage of the inv clearance sales on the year old model. I saved almost 3k off msrp on my reny.
Great to know! Thank you Jeff450!
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Absolutely not. I went with the Max so I can take the kids and wife along, and it is great for that. For 90% of my riding I would be fine with the solo version and I would be able to fit it with the tailgate closed in the 6 3/4 foot bed on my F350. That would make it easier to haul a trailer and an ATV in the bed of the truck which I always end up doing when we go to hunting camp. (All my buddies have 1/2 ton trucks so I get to haul all the heavy stuff).

If you are a rider who would actually notice and benefit from the added stability of the longer wheelbase, then you probably wouldn't be asking the question.

That's my opinion anyway.

If they wont move on the price tell them you want back seat and new helmets or other riding gear. My dealer gave over 500 worth of extras. Plus dropped 1000$ because they didnt have the color i wanted
Thanks guys...great advice.
I have the 500l max and do a lot of trail blazing and tight technical stuff. I figured I would have more 3 point turns. Currently it is rare to put it in reverse. It is pretty awesome. Also on steep hills it feels awesome. At speed stable. I have rear shocks up high for passenger. Would probably be even better setup for solo riding if turned down. I also have the benefit of being able to go over some pretty large logs where short wheelbase would want to flip over backwards. You don't ride 2 up usually you still may want to consider. You never know when you may want a passenger. And if you are set on not having one. Sell the rear seat for $500 all day and it will cover the cost of upgrade partially. Second set of footpegs are nice for mud and water too. Or even steep hills. I personally prefer metal racks on the l model.

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I have had a couple of shorties, and now a Max. the extra length takes a ride or 2 to get used to the extra length cutting through the trees and rocks. It is rare that I can't get through something that shorties squeeze through. I ride a lot of really narrow twisty trails. As it is, the extra length really makes the nasty climbs easier.
Ok guys...need some help here...ordered the single version tonight...but am wondering I shouldn't change in the morning to the max version....everyone, please chime in!
Max hillclimbs and women. But no wheelies.

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I should mention it is only a $300 difference... camo single vs grey max
I should mention it is only a $300 difference... camo single vs grey max
Are you sure the grey max is the dps version?
OK....really appreciate the replies here. Just confirmed with the dealer that they have (1) Grey L Max with DPS. The only negative is they don't make aarm plates for the rear on it for some reason. So I will get the front AArm protectors and call it good. Bike is primarily for my dad so I think the extra stability and better ride quality will be a real plus for him.

Anything else I should know about the unit?
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