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Would like to lift my Outlander, but don't want to spend the $$$ on hight end shocks. What are the best/cheapest options to do this? Also changing the setting on the shocks, will it lift it or just make it more/less stiff? I have an XT...

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Spring spacers are the cheapest way to get some lift. A 1" spacer gives 2" lift. Lots of people including myself use the aluminum 2" cam lock fittings or a 2" rigid coupling.

The adjusters will give it a tiny bit of lift, but not the same a spacer will. Will end up being stiffer anyways.

If you run spacers, try it on the loosest setting first then go from there

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I bought some Bandit series shocks from Super ATV for a rzr-s 800 to replace my broken rear kyb shocks on my renegade. I swapped my canam springs onto the new bodies because the rzr soring rate was too stiff, and got some extra height in the process. I didnt buy them for lift, just a cheap alternative since i ride mud 99% of the time. They were $350 to the front door after discounts. All shocks are roughly 1.5" longer than the factory canam shocks when they are fully extended. Your axles will be your limiting factor, i have Turner EVO axles with my 7" lift so it wasn't a concern.

*On a side note i saw a polaris scrambler yesterday that had the same style shocks on it but they appeared to be shorter. Might be worth contacting SuperATV and ask about the measurements on those, and not have to worry about stiff springs.
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