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Made progress!! Gorilla, performance atv, or oem?

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Finally got the motor pulled, now going to work on the through shaft..
It's only a $100 more for a better through shaft.

Now gorilla has lifetime warranty, but I've heard it doesn't have the notch for the c-clip..
I read that performance atv's does have the notch but i don't know if they have a life time warranty.
Or just get the oem one.. Which doesn't appeal me since I'm hard on my stuff..
I'm pretty much going to give a whole make over while this bahimeth of a motor is out.


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No suggestions??
I was hoping someone had either bought one of those shafts and could fill me in if the stuff I said about the gorilla was true or not..
There's not a bunch of motor modifiers on this site dude...
Thanks, I don't like the no c-clip groove.. So I'll probly get a performance atv shaft.. Even though the lifetime warranty of gorilla sounds great
I havnt managed to break my through shaft...YET, but when the time comes my money will go to Performance ATV. Since buying my renegade new in feb 2012 i have purchased a handful of small odds and ends from them and a little over 2 years ago I bought my lift from them. Customer service has always been top notch when I deal with Brent, Mark, or any of the nice ladies that work in the office. They have taken 30-45 mins sometimes just to answer questions i had about random things, and went out of their way to meet up with me to get my lift to me on a day that they were closed. Plus they aren't but about an hour from the house, compared to everyone else.
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