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Need your honest opinions on something......

Recently, I was about dead set on buying a K&T built/turbo'd RZR XP900....even seen a video of one you had tuned in for a customer, and was VERY impressed!

But, after a lot of was almost 20K for a 2012, and although it was built with all the best parts, and had EVERYTHING from cage to STM clutches, ridgid light bars, you name it.....but was a 2012 RZR!!

So just curious......based on your do you think the new XDS turbo Mav will compare to the turbo RZR's out there? I am trying to compare apples to lets say comparing both on MAX pump gas tunes? Do you think the mav will outperform the RZR, or do you feel the RZR is a better machine for max performance? I realize some people prefer inline engines vs. V-twins.

I just wanted an opinion from a trusted source.....cause all I get from the forums is complete biased crap!

BTW.....I am looking at buying a Mav.....doing the MrRPM flash, injectors, and race intake, 14psi on 93 octane, and custom mufflers......maybe punch out the cat. This **should** net around 130-135rwhp according to his specs.

Your thoughts???

Also, what do you think of the new primary and secondary? Is this machine a candidate for your Team primary?
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