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Max shocks on Short frame Outlander

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I wanted to ask if someone put Fox shocks from an Outlander Max to a short wheel base Outlander. If the rear travel(height) will be that much bigger.
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Can't you essentially set your own ride height via the adjustable collars?
But if i think right , you would soften it up alot. From the factory the rear of the max should be higher so that the passenger sits “above” the rider. And a SWB Outlander sits nearly even front to back.
Pretty sure that's more to do with the actual elevated rear/max seat, tho, @p_hauschild

There might be a "slight" difference in max rears vs shortys, but man, it's next to nothing afaik, and certainly something you could work around, with adjustable collars, I'd have to think
I actually measured my Outlander with an 650 xt-p and there was some difference in the height to the fenders. The difference front to back was bigger
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But don't the XT-P shocks have adjustable perches? Do yours have the threaded collars, or just the little 5-pos detent collars?
Mine has the 5position collars. And yeah the XT-P have the same shocks as i send above on the ebay listing. I would like the foxes but i want to know if someone has experience with MAX shocks on a SWB outty. So i dont buy 1500$ shocks and the machine sits like a kicked duck with the front facia sniffing the ground.
Reason I asked, if you had your collars down, and that XT-P had turned theirs up a little, I mean, it's skewing your eyeball test results, make sense?
I have them in the middle + spacers so mine sits pretty high but the difference front to back (height) is worring me
1 - 5 of 11 Posts