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Max shocks on Short frame Outlander

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I wanted to ask if someone put Fox shocks from an Outlander Max to a short wheel base Outlander. If the rear travel(height) will be that much bigger.
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Can't you essentially set your own ride height via the adjustable collars?
Pretty sure that's more to do with the actual elevated rear/max seat, tho, @p_hauschild

There might be a "slight" difference in max rears vs shortys, but man, it's next to nothing afaik, and certainly something you could work around, with adjustable collars, I'd have to think
But don't the XT-P shocks have adjustable perches? Do yours have the threaded collars, or just the little 5-pos detent collars?
Reason I asked, if you had your collars down, and that XT-P had turned theirs up a little, I mean, it's skewing your eyeball test results, make sense?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts