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Max shocks on Short frame Outlander

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I wanted to ask if someone put Fox shocks from an Outlander Max to a short wheel base Outlander. If the rear travel(height) will be that much bigger.
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The max shocks aren't going to make it set higher then it will with your regular shocks. It's nothing to do with the height. It's to do with the spring rate itself. Max shocks have stiffer springs to compensate for they have your load of a second passenger, meaning they're going to compress a little bit harder than your regular springs on the short frame. It may give a slight increase in height but we're talking like a quarter to a half inch. Not enough that you really going to see it. And as mentioned before, they have nothing to do with making it easier for the two upright or to see the two up seat. Does that by elevating the second person approximately 4 inches higher than the bike seat for the driver.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts