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Here I am in a nice RV park in Tucson, AZ. I'm walking the beagle and see a Polaris RZR 1000 XP down the row. Nice machine. The beagle and I notice it has a South Dakota license plate on the back. I see mirrors and turn signals on the machine. I did not realize South Dakota has a street legal law for ATVs and UTVs. I'll add that one to my list.

Then on the other side of the campground is yet another RZR with a Montana license. I knew Montana has a street legal law, but with some caveats if I recall correctly.

And of course Arizona is the leader in street legal ATV laws and has been for a long time. Arizona is a great place to vacation with your ATV. Maybe the law grew from golf carts in retirement communities, I don't know. But you can license and ride your machine on public secondary roads here in Arizona. I think Arizona accepts ATVs licensed in other states like they do my pickup.

I saw a Can Am Maverick X3 two seat on a 4 lane boulevard sitting at the stop light. It looked great to me.

Our hobby would be enhanced significantly if we could ride on public secondary roads, especially in the rural areas.

Street Legal Fan David
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