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My 2008 Outlander 800

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Got the outlander on a trade for my 2007 Polaris Ranger.

How I got it

Came with:
29.5x12 Outlaws
Itp Rims
HMF slip on exhaust
Cheap strobes in the headlights
Full skid plate and LCA guards
And a snorkel kit that was half apart

First thing I did was resnorkle it. Original one was one pipe on either side of the front plastics and one through the gauge housing. So I removed all the old stuff and started over from a thread on here. Now all the pipes collect in the gauge housing.

Painted the visible pipes black

Next I installed some accent leds to make night rides fun. There is around 35 RGB led pods with 4 5050 smd leds in each pod

Added a set of 35w 5k hids from Longshot Lighting. Also a new super atv winch with synthetic rope around the same time. The original warn was all seized up and caked with dried up mud.

Got some led cubes from Longshot as well. They are 2x3 led cubes

Then because I love lights added a 30" radius light bar to the front it, also from Longshot. Also added a rear seat for my girlfriend to stay put while out on rides.

Then decided to go up a little so I'd stop rubbing on the frame at full lock. Went with ATV Engineering LLC lift. It was identical to the Highlifter and Super ATV but for half the cost. Purchased a flag and mount as well for day riding.

Finally thought the glow whips were really cool but couldn't see paying the price for a set of 2. So looked it up and found a torturial of a guy making them. Spent around 80 for everything needed to make them. Wired them to my leds so that they will be the same color.

Next mods will be either a brp or rubber down customs radiator relocator because I like that the pivot and can still access the fuse box. Also want to go with a larger lift. Either a CATVOS or Gorilla lift.
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