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Napa Belt Opinions

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I believe I smoked my belt a few weeks ago dragging my utility trailer through a couple feet of wet snow. I can only assume the belt is original anyways so it's probably not a bad idea to change it anyways.

The local dealer lists the belt for $140 which sounds crazy. The Napa store lists their G-Force CVT belt (NBH 30G3750) for $70. I know that in most cases you get what you pay for but I'm finding with ATV parts you can get the same thing for half the price if you steer clear of the dealers.

Has anybody used this belt from Napa? I've seen many other recommendations but most require purchasing online and I've only got today and tomorrow to change it if I'm going to.
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G-force belts are good belts. I switched 2 years ago, haven't had any problems at all. I rode last summer with tires and all this past winter with Tracks on my 800 max, not a single bit of trouble with the belt. See if NAPA stocks the (Gates 30C3750) it's the same type belt, but made with Carbon cord, suppose to be a little stronger. You can't go wrong with either. :smilietwocents:
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I've used the Gates G-Force on my Grizzly and the Gates Carbon on my Outlander and have not experienced any problems whatever with either the OEM . If my Grizzly had the power of my Outlanders, I would have replaced with a Gates Carbon belt.
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Thanks for the recommendations. I did end up going to with Gates belt. It was $40 more than the other but I'm hoping it will last longer as well.

Glad that I decided to change it, the old one was original (dealer issue at least) and was quite chewed up on the inside and it seemed like the outside layer was starting to separate.

Fairly easy job however having to take the whole foot board off to get to the bottom bolts was a pain.
Yeah I order gates off Amazon 92 canadian Vs dealer for oem 150 and the gates carbon is compared to mav belt which is 105
...The local dealer lists the belt for $140 which sounds crazy. The Napa store lists their G-Force CVT belt (NBH 30G3750) for $70. .
The Gates G3750 is a Kevlar fiber belt, the C3750 is carbon fiber.
I smoked my OEM on the first or second ride (too much POWER) and replaced with the G3750. They were under $ 50 (42 iirc) online with free ship and no tax at the time so I ordered TWO.. The OEM is in my toolbox for a 'spare". Two years later, the Gates is doing fine
Ive also got the Gates kevlar belt. Only 600 miles of hard riding so far, but just had the cover off and it kooks perfect.
Like thunderbolt mentioned, shop online for the belts. Rock Auto has the best prices so far for both kevlar and carbon fiber. Shipping is like $4 but overall price is still the cheapest at about $42 shipped. I got two last week and split cost with a friend. Search google for 5% coupon code to save another $2.
New belt seems a bit different than the old one. Used it for some lawn cleanup yesterday and it seems like there's a delay in engagement (forward and reverse) when taking off. Before, as soon as I pressed the throttle it was moving and now it seems to rev higher and then there's a slight jolt (nothing major) before it starts to move. Is this normal for a new belt?
I have to get my bike to about 1800 rpm to start moving. I thought this was normal. Still have the original belt. Only 150 miles so far.
It was about 1800 with the old belt. About 2000 now. It used to be a smooth take off and now it is like I'm launching no matter how little throttle i give it, it seems to launch. I'm not complaining but it's tearing the hell out of my lawn. lol.
Did you clean your clutch sheaves before installing new belt? Also should follow new belt brake in , per manufacture, for best performance and belt life. :smilietwocents:
I didn't clean anything. Just swapped the belt as shown in all the Youtube videos. The clutch sheaves seems to be clean as they were, no rubber buildup or anything.

What is the standard brake in procedure? Checked the belt packaging and there wasn't anything on it.
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