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Need help with CV Tech clutch.

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I have a '11 XMR 800 with an Airdam CV Tech clutch. Went riding the other day and after about a mile on a flat graded trail I suddenly went from tons of power to no power and not being able to get the machine above 20mph. If I got it up to about 22mph I started hearing some noise from the belt housing. I brought it to a shop and even they are stumped by it. It's definitely something in the clutch, though. I've been calling Airdam but no luck on getting through yet. Anyone have some ideas?
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If it was on a shop and they did not figure it out.. I do not know, but I would have started to take it out with the clutch puller for a visual inspection.
Then if all is good, all feels good, no lose parts, no scratches, spring ok etc, set it back in. Check the threads on the bolt first. Also, I would put the gear in Neutral and rev'd it up to max rpm without clutch housing cover (with earplugs;), and look how it behaves. Then I would go for a ride still without clutch housing cover and look how it behaves.
With more rpm the "main house" should move more and more away from the engine, allowing the belt to get a smaller diameter, and therefore higher speed.
If you see visually the same thing when you ride, compared to when you are standing still, it's either missing the weights in the clutch (not likely), or you have a to soft spring.

You may also consider the possibility that the secondary clutch is not mounted properly, and stuck in an open position, allowing the belt to lose it's grip when the primary (CV-tech) opens. This will happen if one forget to unscrew the splitter bolt, or mount the secondary so it don't hit the sliding tracks.
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I see I did not read your post properly. Something broke obviously. I assume the secondary spring. Or the bolt loosen on either of them. Anyway you can use the troubleshooting method in the previous post.
did the shop open up the cvt case and pull off both the primary and secondary clutches?
Start with a ride around the yard with the cover off , you should definitely be able to notice any abnormalities and go from there.
I rode it with the cover off, didn't see anything wrong. The only thing I noticed is the belt would never ride more than about halfway up the sheaves of the primary. I didn't look into it any farther, don't really have the time to tear into it myself. The shop did tell me my belt was very worn but I believe it wore fast when I was trying to get the bike back to my truck. They put a different belt on it and only got marginal performance gains back.
Maybe the spring or a slider broke in the primary!? Thats my only guess since it wont go all the way
Yes, it's gotta be either the spring that is broke, and in some way block the primarys path outwards, or it's the slider track that have broken or is damaged.

This takes 5 min to figure out when you have the primary in your hands.
I am quite surprised that the shop did not figure this out... Don't go there again ;)
But read my first post, it can just aswell be the secondary. If it don't go all the way together (largest belt diameter) you will experience the same thing you describe here.
Using a spliter bolt see if the secondary opens and closes all the way smoothly that will confirm or eliminate the secondary
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