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new 2013 renegade

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A dealer close to me has a brand new 2013 Renegade XXC and now I have an 09 Renegade with 3000 miles on it and would like to get a new one. Whats the new 2013 worth and is the 2013 any different than a 2015? I also worry about the black plastic on how bad will it scratch?
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AFAIK only thing that changed over the years was colors. Not sure what a new '13 would be, I'd imagine could get it for a fair price, cause not too many people would be a '13 for the same price as they could a '15. Black is gonna scratch but can be buffed out.
Yours is a gen 1 and the 2013 is a gen 2...totally different...
missed that part....
from '13 to 1'5, nothing cosmetic. The '16s will be announced soon so a '13 should be a great deal.

As spawn said though a lot different from a gen 1.
Is the Gen 2 going to handle better? What is it worth or what is a good out the door price?
Tempo Marine? I think their price is too steep for a 13. I can get a 15 for about another 400 bucks. The resale value is worth that difference for sure.
I think a while back it was close to 10,000?
Oh geeze! At that price I would have bought it. I went in there and they had it at 12,400.
Bought my 14 Renegade xc for 11300
What state did you buy it in? Is that OTD?
I've got a 2012 renegade 1000 xxc with 388 miles and rear rack for sale. I would cut you a deal if interested.
I bought in Alabama. Yes that was final out the door price.
Price in oz

The 2015 model are about 20k over here. I don't Think the black scratches any worse than any other colour. Interesting to see what they come up with when they do upgrade the model
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