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New guy from Southern Ontario

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Hey Guys, i've been researching on this site for the past several months and finally bought myself a new ride! My first Can Am (or atv) ever and i couldn't be more excited. I had an XMR800 picked out but decided at the last moment to go for a Max instead. I don't mind building up my ride anyways...

Here she is!

And less than 24 hours later, i got her pretty much striped down and ready to begin installing the BRP rad relocate and BRP snorkel. Should be fun! :th_smiliepullhair:

Anyways, just wanted to thank everyone here for such a great, informative forum. Looking forward to meeting new people for riding.
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Welcome to the forum! sweet machine ya picked out. I pretty much did the same as you, I wanted the digital camo xmr when I went into the dealership but I decided on the MAX XTP instead. where abouts from southern Ontario are you? I'm in about 1/2 hour south of Windsor.
Welcome from Newtonville
Welcome to the site and nice looking can am!
Thanks guys for the welcome!

MAXIMUM_XTP, I'm about 30 mins SE of London. Do you ever come down this way to ride? I almost sprang for an XTP as well but choose to save the cash and see how the XT shocks perform instead. I have a feeling i'll be in the mud quite a bit but if i need better suspension, custom tuned Elkas might be a nice addition down the road. Do you find the outlaws robbing a lot of power without a clutch kit?
Welcome, nice Outty, already adding some goodies, that's what I'm talkin' about
Welcome from Barrie!

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