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Hello everyone,
I’m the proud new owner of a couple of beat up neglected old outlanders.
I have a 650 that was manufactured in 2006 and an 800 that was manufactured in 2007.
A little personal background.
I am a novice when it comes to general automotive repairs and maintenance.
I've replaced belts, filters, oil, spark plugs, radiators, alternators, fuel pumps, clutch cylinders, etc.
I failed to rebuild a carburetor once.
The quads have been sitting under a pole barn for a long time.
The 650 for about a year and the 800 for two or three years.
I got them for free so I’m hoping to restore them to functional reliable status without spending more then they’re worth.
I have a decent collection of hand tools including but not limited to multimeter, torque wrenches, compressor, a few pneumatic tools.
I’ve talked to several shops near by and they’re all super busy with less troublesome and more profitable sales and service.
I've been told by the ones that were willing that it would be two months before they could even take a look at my machines.
I humbly request the advise from the collective experience and expertise of the members this forum.
Thank you

2015 Outlander XMR 650
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Love these kinds of stories! Welcome aboard!

Ain't nothing wrong with scoring a couple of V-twin IRS ATV's for free, sheesh, pass me that horseshoe when you're done with it.

Those are both EFI bikes, so, sitting as long as they have, consider fuel pumps probably shot, injectors might need to be cleaned. Rats might've helped themselves to certain critical rubber/wiring components, you may have a little chasing to do there.

Drivebelts may or may not be dust, but that's easy to replace, check youtube, lots of videos.

Check CV boots/wheel bearings/brake pads/tie rod ends/steering. Change all oils, fresh gas, hot battery, and see what happens! I mean me I'd consider about $2,000 to be the floor on what those bikes offer in good operational shape, so I can't see you coming close to getting upside down on 'em.....

Start a new thread in the outlander subforum :cool: with lots of pics(y)
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