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:th_smiliewavey: This is my first time on the Can-AM forum. I live in the Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas, USA and have ridden a 2002 Bombardier Traxter XT on my ranch for years. Although my machine is still running well, it is beginning to show its age. I think I probably have as much as 10 or maybe 12 years left during which I can use an ATV and do not feel that my Traxter is likely to last that much longer without major expenses. As much as I hate to give up my ride's step-through configuration, it's time to find a replacement machine. The Outlander XT is on my short list, so some constructive guidance would surely be welcome and appreciated.

My new machine will be for ranch transportation and work purposes over rough, uneven & frequently steep terrain carrying tools (chain saws, gas and oil cans, towing chains, shovels & other hand tools, etc.). Durability and reliability will be major factors in my choice of machines as will be servicability (I'm 100 miles from the nearest dealership and do most of my own car, truck, tractor, ATV, and other power equipment routine maintenance.):tools1:
Direct email contact would be welcome. [email protected]
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If its in your budget I'd look into a 6x6. They come in an XT package equipped with a 3000 lbs Warn winch and a dual level cargo box which can hold up to 700 lbs. And a towing capacity of 1650 lbs.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the site. What about a SxS ? BTW, 2 of my riding buddies are 74 this year, one rides a 800 renegade, the other has an outlander and a commander. And they are both still driving transport trucks for a living.
Thanks for response, but 6x6 is out of my budget range and I need more maneuverability.
Thanks, Styk, looking at 50" SxS's (Honda Pioneer & Polaris RZR) but Can-Am's machine is too wide for my trails and not maneuverable enough for my needs.

Pleased for your 74 year old riding buddies. 73 here and looking ahead considering my family's longevity history - dad made it almost to 80 and had to ground mom and sell her ATV shortly after she made 87.
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