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New Outlander L 500 Owner

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I splurged and picked up a new 2015 Outlander 500 L yesterday after never owning an atv but having driven a few in the past. A lot of work buddies ride trails on the weekends and I have a couple places to ride around home.

I looked at reviews for different brands and considered used vs new for a few days before coming to the conclusion that this was a good buy for $6499 (local dealer gave $500 off) plus the 5 year warranty.

My initial concerns after picking it up yesterday evening was insurance and maintenance. I added full coverage insurance today but as for maintenance goes I'm not sure yet how I'll handle it. The guys at the dealership (which is over an hour away from me) was stressing about how to ride gentle during the 10 hour break in period, to stay in Low when driving under 15 and up hills, to use High for over 15 on straights, then bring it all the way back down to them for an expensive 24 hour turn around maintenance... I just don't see this happening for every maintenance because of the long drive and I'm sure it's well over priced; so what has everyone else done for their initial break in period and routine maintenance?

I'm reading in the booklet that the first 10 hour maintenance sounds pretty straight forward about checking everything and changing the oil but I'm not sure yet about the part of "Check valve clearance and adjust if needed." Are these all things I can do myself?

Anyone else already broken in this model and have any pointers or information that I may need to know, or have any issues with the quad so far?
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I do all my fluids, greasing etc myself. As for the first maintnance I took it in to have the valves tightend at 30hrs because I've never done it before but told the dealership not to worry about changing any of the oils because I can do them myself.
Yeah I think I'll try to do all the oil and fluid changes myself also. My concern is the valve tightening though as that sounds like something I may not be able to do myself and the closest can am dealership is an hour away from me, unless any of the other local atv places would be ok to take it to for maintenance?

I'm also debating on how I need to do the break in.. I'm reading reasonable approaches to both sides of taking it easy, mainly using low gear and speeds to gently break it in. On the other hand I'm reading that riding it fairly hard at mixed speeds and higher rpm short bursts after its warmed up will strengthen the engine during the break in..

I just got in from letting it warm up by idle and taking it down the road in high at mixed speeds from 25 to 40. Yesterday was mainly low gear for a very short ride around the yard. There's a little over 1 hour on it now that I'm sure was from it being driven some at the factory/dealership also. Just hope I'm going the right way about it all.
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Theres a few post that valves have been check numerus time on those can am engine on the 10hrs maintenance and only a few required ajustement.

My dealer dont even check them on the 10hrs maintenance.
Drive it easy for the first 5-10 hours and then ride how ever you want. I do this with each of mine and my current 1k has over 17,000 miles on it with no issues. As for the maintenance, Watch a few video's and you will find it's very easy. There are allot on this forum and You Tube. And, Congrats on the new ride!!!!!!!!
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