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New outty 1k mods and tweak's

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hey, just picked up a new/leftover 2014 outlander XT 1000. so waiting for the snow to melt I'm looking for any must have mods or tweak's this thing needs as this is my first can am and BRP product ever I don't really know too much about them. so far I got 28" mayhem's on 14" MSA m20's, full skids and entertaining the idea of a snorkel or at the very least getting the CVT exhaust to the pod.

I purchased this sort of a dual purpose, its replacing a 01 foreman 450S and a 2008 banshee so this CVT thing in a ATV is new to me, any recommendation on a clutch kit and/or snorkel kit (or DIY shopping list/instruction) would be much appreciated.
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There are a few threads on how to do the snorkels on your own and a good tutorial if you search outlander g2 snorkel.
I would recommend a rad kit as well. If you plan on needing snorkels the rad kit makes sense as well.
I have a qsc in my 650 and its great. I know STM and the VFJ clutch is also a good option. The CVTech is also good if you can get in touch with any one who sells them, they just arent as adjustable.
Go for the BRP snorkels and rad relocate, clean install.
Don't waste money on a clutch kit, buying new aftermarket clutches are much better.
Brake pads wear out fast and recommend DP brake pads. Tie rods are a weak point.
Slipon exhaust is highly recommended for the sweet sound of the Vtwin :)
I did my own snorkel kit and it was a clean install and all plastics fit properly.
For me #1 best mod was new shocks, Elka Stage 1s. Second was Rox 2" bar risers.
What's the benefit of a rad relocate? I really like to keep the front rack available for hunting season and not really looking to be out bogging everyweekend just some deep water crossings and trail riding, is the stock cvt exhaust decent?
Stock CVT is the lowest one of the three (cvt intake, cvt exhaust and engine air intake). When sitting on bike it is right by your left knee.
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