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New owner, 2005 outlander 400 beat to hell. Lives to ride another day

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So new guy here.. never owned a can am or bombardier. I came from having a 2006 arctic cat 400 trv and my sons 2017 alterra 90.. btw Great little bike for kids Super reliable. Anyways, so I love fixing up stuff and word gets out so I had a friend recommended me to repair some mowers and a atv for a lady. So she brings the stuff by and says let her know what can be fixed if not scrap it.

So I end up fixing a mower and the other one is junk and not worth fixing. So I take a look and the atv is in rough shape, been sitting for years and was beat to hell. No key, tires are flat looks bad and honestly I didn't have any hope for it. I look a little at it and looks like rats got to part of the harness and I was like this thing is junk, so It sits for about 6 Months at my house and didn't touch it.

So i was bored one day I decided what the hell let me see what's up with this thing. I pull it into the garage and start going over it. At this point I don't have a key and I need to be able to power it up to do anything. So I decide to cut the ignition cylinder in half so I can be able to turn it with a screw driver instead of hot wiring it. So I get that done hook up a jumper box and boom now we have power and it turns over and sounds like it has compression. So I know I need to check a few things before I try and fire it up. Oil is good, so I check for spark.. got spark so I decided to remove the air box and spray some starter fluid in it to see if it goes boom..

Got it to fire off and sputter so I knew it was worthy of a carb clean. So I bust out the ultra sonic cleaner and give the carb a good cleaning. So slap the carb back on and hook up an auxiliary fuel source and try and start it up. We'll I'll be damned it started up and ran good.

So I decided to keep going and see what all it needs. Get a parts list together and its huge. So I let the lady know and its just too much for her to pay me to fix it so I end up getting the bike for free. 2 months into fixing it up and it's running good and already had it out riding a few times with friends.. never skipped a beat and runs perfect. Super surprised to be honest from how bad of shape it was in. So I will ride it for a bit then ended up giving it to my older son. Gonna get me a 2023 outlander XMR1000 or a side by side. Haven't decided yet, but this bike got me into the whole can am thing. It's a though machine and it surprised me. Here's a pics of the rebuild.. first to last. Enjoy
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Now what I assume the whole reason the bike went down in the first place was the voltage regulator went bad and fried the battery and gauge cluster then it shut off and sat for many years.. now as many know it's nearly impossible to find a working gauge cluster due to this issue. Nothing is available, but I atleast wanted the indicator lights to work, when it the fried the cluster
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all the lights lit up and i didnt know what was what, so I went all out and did the ultimate rigging lol had to figure out what each pin powered on the plug. Took a minute, but all my indicator lights work now. hey it let's me know the important things thats all that matters. Gonna add a hour meter and voltage meter later. Gotta work with what I got.

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Now on to the rear of the bike.. it must have hit something on the passenger side in the past because where the swing arms mount on the frame was bent in to the left and the right wheel also had a bent lip. So I assume that smacked something hard on the right side. The rear wheels would not line up with the fronts. So I went at it and this was the only way I could think to fix it and it worked! The right rear swing arm is still slightly bent so I gotta replace it. But it's way better than what it was.
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it's all good for now. Replaced a bunch of other little things that I didn't post. Its been a fun project thats forsure. Full of surprises to say the least. Still have other things to fix like the seat covers and handle bars. "They are bent" but other than that it's a great bike got about $1400 invested plus many hours of labor. But just goes to show how tuff these 400s are. Very smooth riding bike compared to me artcic cat, Shocks are way better. My son will enjoy it but I have my sights set on a outlander XMR1000 🤑
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How did cam chain tensioner look? How many threads out?

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