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New to forum And soon to be can am

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I came from the yamaha world. Having eveything from waverunners to dirt to street to sport.

But the renegade 1000 xxc has my full attention
So hello everyone

So my question to everyone what are people running I plan on doing
4 inch lift
Either silverbacks or outlaw2s
Front rear bumper
Rear rack
Winch exhaust.

Am I missing anything really ?
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75 people looked and no replys. That's cool
Eveything. Trail water mud. Etc
You may want to add rad relocater to keep most mud an stuff away from the radiator..&& your list above seems like your going through some Gumbo?
Yes correct. Eventually. Basically an all around rig.
Is the catvos lift nessisary.
Or can you get away with super atv 4 inch ?
Both is good in My Book but I've seen some defects on super atv lifts not many so the choice is yours bro
Stock exhaust ? No I am going muzzy or rjwc dual.

What problems have you heard about super atv lifts? And does the catvos come with gorilla axles ? There so damn expensive
Bump. This forum is really a whole lot of help at all. To the guy that commented in here. Thank you sir.
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