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new xmr owner and member

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new xmr owner

just bought a 2015 650 xmr and im pumped,,thought id join the can am form for tips ,help and all that good stuff
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hey everybody,,i pick up my 650 xmr Friday and joined this form cause forms really are informative and I luv learning and helping when I can,,WHOOOOOO I CANT WAIT TO PICK UP MY XMR:yahoo::th_smiliebanana2::aniwheeler6:
I got omy xmr1000 on saturday. it takes a while to get used to. my tip is to use 4x4 everywhere accept for mud. If you arent in mud those tires just spin like crazy. I almost got stuck pulling my little trailer thats made for the lawn tractor lol
well they say the 650 is a bit more trail friendly due to short chasis,,and iv got mudzillas not sbacks,so I should b ok,,i luv the look of these bikes,,there mean looking,,hope u enjoy your new ride,,
where is titusville? i go to woodstock 3 times a week i'm from ottawa.on
right inbetween saint john and sussex,,pretty much smack dab in the middle
Welcome to the forum. Read up on the tips and tricks for maintenance.
After your break in period double check your front diff and rear diff mounting bolts for the proper torque. It's the only issue I had with mine. Had to replace the input shaft seal on the front and I could've just rebuilt the rear diff but I ended up replacing with a 1000xmr diff. I could've avoided this if I'd checked my mounting bolts.
Happy trails !
Thnx for the welcome evertbody and thnx for the diff tourqe tip,, just a quick question, has anybody notice the xme 650 seat stiff, will a 650 xt seat be the same.
Haven't noticed myself. I think the foams the same. Not sure, maybe someone else can chime in ?
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