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New XMR owner

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Just picked up my new 2015 outlander 1000 xmr digital camo to bad I've been up since yesterday and to tired to ride it ! Also learned the Xmr wouldn't fit with my transfer tank/tool box combo in the bed so spend quite awhile today looking for a halfway decent trailer found one was pretty cheap just had to rewire and tag it before I was off to the dealership to get it picked up
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congrats, that's a sweet ride,i just picked up my 2015 xmr 650 Friday,wish they offered the digital camo in the 650 shortys,that b sweet,
Nice Ride. Welcome to the forum.
Congrats, I got the same one. Awesome quad!!!
i tries to get the camo but stealership said they were sold out of them until 2016....probably a lie to sell the one in worked i got er
When I got it home I noticed one of the tabs that hold the rad relocate was cracked so had to turn it around and take it back up they were cool about it took few pics and said can am would send the piece to replace it, they said take it home break it in bring it back for fluid change they'll replace it and add my skid plates once they arrive. Can't wait to actually get it out and terrorize the terrain when my break in period is officially over !
Congrats on your new ride!
Thanks working on trailer lights now it's always something glad I'm taking a vacation this week !
Nice quad brother!! I got my 2015 XMR 1000 in digi camo a few weeks ago.
What an awsome machine. I will be using mine for ATV logging. Thanks Can Am forum for giving me the courage to buying this beast. Suspension is amazing, super comfortable ride!

Still trying to break this thing in works got me tied up have only put little over 4 hours on it had to have my nephew take it back to dealership because I noticed they forgot the skid plates
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Doing better than me. I've had mine since February and I only have 4 hours on it. She's feeling neglected
Lol now I don't feel bad ! I'm staying out most of this week then heading home early to finish up rewiring my trailer get some riding time in then off to powerline mud park the following weekend
Congratulations I have the 2015 xmr 800. Big ride on the 21st @ nemadji state forest
I'd like to visit nemadji state forest some day just need to take it a little at a time to see how this trailer I bought works out eventually my trips will get longer but the photos I've seen look promising one day I'll travel there
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