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No headlights

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No headlights and overheating

On our last trip to harlen ky my lights quit working the first day. Sometimes after hitting a bump or just out of nowhere they would work. Seems like they dont work at all anymore but it would take a while for them to work sometimes. I checked all the wire connections I could find and dont see any frayed wires. It was a pretty wet trip. I checked fuses up front and back by the battery. Any chance the key switch is bad and if so how do I test it.
It was also overheating alot. I washed the radiator and it seemed clean. It told me limp home a couple times. It didnt seem too hot to me. At time before it would make my legs red from heat and it never overheated then. Wondering if its possible that the issues are both related to electrical problem.
Thanks for any help
08 outlander 650xt
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I know my 2013 the head light contacts melted in the switch causing me to loose high beams.. Could be the same problem but check to see if you have power from the ign switch in the light position
I took off the worthless stock lights. Is all I run now is a light bar

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What kind of bar lights did you get?
my 2010 xtp 800 lost all headlights and it was the ignition switch replaced it no problems since
It ended up being a bad accesory relay. There are three identical relays. I switched them around and then the guages wouldnt light up. $17 at auto store and I can see the light!
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