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OEM ball joint help?

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Got a couple ball joints that are bad and was looking to order some but when i look up on the can am website for the 2013 they are unavailable, like maybe on backorder or something? Then i looked at the 2015 and they are available but they have a different part number. So my question is would these work anyways on my 2013? I don't think they would of changed the ball joint between the 2 years but never know. Has anyone already put these "new" ball joints in they're 2012, 2013? Thanks :aniwheeler6:

Here's the 2013 part number.

Here's the 2015 part number. Everything looks exactly the same, but just want to make sure.
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There are many parts that show up like that in the online catalogues. The old part # has been superceded with a new part # but they don't go back and make changes to previous catalogue pages. The new part # should fit your bike if it's same generation, ie G2.
If in doubt, call dealer and ask before you order online.
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I was trying to avoid calling the dealer, the parts department of the place i deal with aren't very helpful lol.
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