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OHV Sticker Mount

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I moved to Colorado recently and we had to get an OHV sticker to ride on most public trails here. But, I didn't want to stick them on the paint, so I made this. It just bolts on through one of the front rack openings.

I was curious if anyone else has done something like this and if they've had any issues with it.


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Nice job.

Only issues i would bring up are, 1, that location is prone to catching things on the side of the trail, possibility of destroying the tag. 2, looks very easy to remove, may grow legs on ya.

Fixes coiuld be as simple as move the plate to a more protected area if the regs on it's location allow you to do so and use security bolts or rivets to mount the plate.
They require it to be up front along the fender. I don't have much choice there. I'd prefer it somewhere else too.

It only bolts on so I will have to keep an eye on it. I made it with a 3D printer, so making another won't take long.
Ok, now I'm officially jealous. I thought it was on the rear, so it should be just fine.
I thought I might bring this back up again. Since I have this 3D printer, I've been curious if it might be useful in making odd parts that people need, kind of like the OHV sticker mount I did.

I was curious if anyone would ever want a service like this. If so, what are some parts or concepts that you might be interested in. Right now, I'm just fishing for ideas and looking at whether or not I might could start up a 3D Printing Service. I have access to my machine and one other that has a slightly larger print area. Mine does about 7.5" x 7.5" and the other is closer to 12" x 12".
up here that could be a no no depending on the cop, because you could potentially just buy one tag and use it on a bunch of different quads, they like to see it placed on a part that's not easy to remove
I've thought the same thing. I'm hoping I can get by with this. It looks nicer than putting it on the paint. I'm not trying to get around the system with this. $25/year for a permit is easy to pay for. It's a small price for so many open areas to ride in, without admission costs. Private ATV parks in Texas are usually $30 a day, maybe some discounts with a weekend pass.
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