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oil filter options?

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Can't seem to find much in searching, maybe user error? lol.
Anyway new to can am (always had Polaris and thought I'd try something difft) recently picked up a 15 max 650 xt and about time to change the fluids. Gonna use amsoil but can't seem to find many cross referenced oil filters.
What's everyone using?

Also being new to the difft sounds of a can am does it seem normal to hear a whine or wawa sound from what sounds like the clutch area when going slowish (15-20 mph)
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Can Am clutches are noisy. The primary rattles and the secondary whines. Lots of chatter. Normal on Can Am's. They run hot too. I like the Amsoil as well. Good stuff. Welcome to Can Am's.:th_smiliethumbsup:
Fram makes one too .
Good luck finding one though .....

I think I tried those filters from Amazon and they didn't come with the rubber gasket?? I can't recall for sure.
Autozone or O'Reilly Auto Parts :) just tell them they look in the computer an they'll go in the back in look && k forgot the brand I just know it's in a yellow box. Sorry my mind is bad
Ebay $18.63 for 5 filters and free shipping.
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