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Waiting on some parts so I'd thought I'd go ahead and ask what grade oil should I use in my outlander 800 and how much should I get? Also I noticed the previous owner filled it up REALLY High with oil, is there any reason for this? Should I do this?? Is there any risk of me doing this?????????!?!?!???:th_wtf:
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Never overfill, I aim for middle of the cross thatch area; for oil I use the rotella synthetic, I forget the weight I run but I do switch it up for winter running a lighter weight but with this oil change I'll go back to my summer weight with a zddp additive. Oil filter is hf 152 if you didn't already know that.
I've already ordered a k&n oil filter I usually use valvoline atv grade oil, just what they have at the local auto parts store. I was just wondering what weight to use
Use 5w-40 synthetic all year round. I use shell rottela T6 5w-40 and it's great oil.With filter change it takes 2.3 liters max but double check after oil change.Do not overfill it probably will end up in the air filter bowl.
You have a better chance of maintaining oil pressure at extreme angles if you fill the oil to the full mark, never go above the full mark though. If you have to run an additive, you're probably using the wrong oil. That's why I always use Amsoil.
Additive is just some extra precaution and probably does more for my head than the bike! I use rotella t6 also and it really does have everything you need in it especially if your doing your oil changes on time! No additive can replace good maintenance!
Also smell your oil make sure your not getting fuelin there I have seen post of people actually having oil level rise to where it would come out of dipstick!
Just wondering but what would cause gas to get in the oil?
Fuel in oil could be caused by running too rich, stuck injector or a misfire could put fuel in the oil
Poor fuel, ( there is actually a service bulletin from brp that explains how poor fuel was causing unburnt fuel to enter crankcase and in some cases actually causing oil to overflow out of dip stick!) we should be running reg not high octane as high octane and octane boosters actually cause fuel to not ignite as easily. That is why high compression or forced induction systems require high octane it's so fuel does Not ignite (detonate)from heigh temps and pressure in cylinder, before spark. So basically there is NO benefit from high octane or octane boosters unless you are running extreme compression or forced induction.
Also weak feel pump, or any condition where bike is stumbling and running really rough, can cause fuel to contaminate oil, as any un burnt fuel can find its way past rings ( even on a healthy motor!) also running bike in cold conditions for short periods without proper warm up time is also mentioned in that bulletin as a cause of fuel contaminating oil. Motor needs heat and pressure to seal up properly so until bike is warm rings, valves etc won't be properly sealed. Even timing being off, or improper valve adjustments could cause fuel in oil.
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Well it seems to me like mine could be all of the above. I use 93 octane none-ethanol. And the bike was running pretty terrible cause of that regulator (just got it fixed yesterday by the way thanks for all y'all's help) and I'm also running a 2 inch snorkel intake and a hang with no spark arrester. Would all this cause it to run too rich and get gas in the oil. Or should I just not worry about that and just replace my bad fuel pump
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