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Ok.. Total make over going on.. Have some Q's for opinions..

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Ok.. As I've posted before, I'm installing solid motor mounts.. Finding out the hard way that pulling the motor is how it has to be done.. If not and anyone else has done it with out pulling the motor please advise me how..

Anyway, I changed my through shaft seal, #1 will the front axle spin separately from the rear axle?
#2 I believe the front through shaft is bent slightly, I spin it and it looks like a slightly bent pool stick when you roll it across a table. So do I need to replace it? If so how complicated is it?
#3 how much play should the rear pinion have? When I had the seal out, I was able to move the pinion slightly up and down and in and out.. Does the bearing need replaced? The front pinion has zero play, that's why I asked..
#4 if I can't get the motor out.. Would just replacing the top motor mount with a solid one do the trick? I ask because the oem mount was completely broke.. When I to the nut off all 3 bolts for the mounts, I could move the in every direction.. That a sign that they're all bad?

I want to kind of over haul my bike and do it as right as I can so in the future I have less issues.. Also figured I would because it completely apart..
If there's anything else I should check/replace please let me know..

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Do you have the service manual? I can email it to you.
Yes I do
You are into a zone of repair I have never been...but I can tell you that your rear diff DOES need attention. That pinion should not move enough to be perceptible without a micrometer.
Ok.. Unfortunately I already installed a new seal.. So I guess I'll just have to go buy another when I buy the bearings
Also the front thru shaft.. I can't remember if it always spins, even in 2wd, or if it only spins when 4wd is locked in. Idk if I'll be able to replace that thru shaft so I'm trying to figure out how often that seal will go bad and what other damage can occur from it

I learn best by watching.. Wish I was able to watch someone else do this or there was a good picture write up
When I changed the front through shaft seal.. The through shaft slid out some, I put it back in, spun it around and the rear drive shaft didn't move with it.. Is that normal? How do I know I set it back in correctly? It wouldn't slide out any further than a couple inches. Or my is my through shaft broke? should the rear drive shaft spin when the front does? Since it's all connected by the trough shaft?
Sorry just have a lot of questions because it appears I have a lot of crap to do to my bike now and feel like I'm getting in over my head.
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