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Hey everyone, wanting some opinions on the first real mods for the renegade! I know this has been asked before, and I have read all of those threads, but they mostly relate to mud performance and I only ride trails. I ride a combination of fast, wide open trails and small tight trails, but am a pretty aggressive rider.

Bike is a 2019 Renny 850 base model - and yes I know, i am asking about power mods on an 850 when I could have bought a 1000, but too late now and cant trade.

Basically I am looking to make the throttle response snappier and more like the sport quads which I came off of. Theres a few different mods Ive considered, so I will give what I think the pros and cons are and want opinions from trail riders on the best route to take.

  • exhaust and ECU tune ( seems like the best all round option, better throttle response, torque, and the added sound bonus, cooler engine temps)
  • clutch kit ( seems to make backshifting better in the mid range, so trail riding will feel snappier but not necessarily more pull off the line)
  • aftermarket primary (lots of mud guys talk about this, but im not totally sold. most expensive option, and doesnt benefit from the sound like the exhaust option)
Right now I am leaning towards the exhaust and tune, mostly because of the combo of performance increase, extra sound, and the ECU tune will lower fan temps and change timing for premium, which I run anyways, and add fuel to help it run a bit cooler since we always ride in hot places and run the bikes hard. Leaning towards the MBRP 5" exhaust which seems like a popular option since it came out, anyone out there run this exhaust and have any comments? Says it can be run without a tune, which appeals to me because my warranty isnt up yet so I can buy the can and wait for warranty to get the tune.

Any other thoughts on best way to make it snappier like a sport bike?

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