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hey everyone,

Havent checked in for years but just wanted to document a few steps which I went through during the past 2 days to solve my issue with my outty max 2007 650 that had the engine turn but wouldnt fire up.

Had a low battery warning and saw that my battery wouldnt hold sufficient voltage while the bike was sitting, so I had to have it permanently on a tender. But since it was my second battery , now a 4.5 year old batt - I went for a replacement. We dont really have a lot of options here so I went for a Yuasa YTX20HL (my original stock was the Yuasa YTX20L and the replacement was a Nitro I went for HL this time)

Plugged the new battery in and the engine would turn but not fire.

So here we go
  1. Checked battery connections, including tender extensions
  2. Checked fuses front and back (use a multimeter, set to Ohms and you should be getting a resistance reading - if not then that fuse is shot)
  3. Checked relays by swapping them - since they are the same
  4. Checked grounds next to the battery to be tight and clean
  5. Cleaned gear sensors - next to your right foot when sitting and VSS just as a precaution
  6. Checked for spark by unplugging the spark, touching it against the chassis and starting up the bike - got spark
  7. Unplugged fuel injector, placed a pan under it to gather outgoing fuel and started the bike - got a nice pulsing spray
  8. Checked for Engine errors , all clear (you can find that procedure in the forum : set to engine hours, keep speedo button pressed while toggling the headlights high-low-high low etc)
  9. Didnt check fuel pressure ....dont have the pressure gauge

Well at this point ...there was nothing left to check besides the pressure, at least to my knowledge which is limited. Then while searching the forum, someone had left a comment about bad fuel and/or condensation. That's when it clicked. The bike was sitting for nearly 2 months and the last ride was at minus 5C. So that was my last bet.
Pumped as much of the existing petrol out and replaced with just 4L of fresh. Suddenly she was coming back to life with each try.
After 3-4 startups she fired up but you could tell that it didnt sound right and couldnt revv. Rode slowly to the petrol station and got a full tank ....shes a beast since then

Anyway, hope someone stumbles upon this post in the future and saves some time through the process
who knows, it could help

Thanks for reading
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