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Outlander lift kit

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I have been looking to get a little more ground clearance on my Outty 800xxc. I have been looking at the superATV 2" lift along with their high clearance A arms. First off is this a good setup to go with?
Secondly if I do this and put 29" tires on will I need to change my axels or anything like that?
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I just put the C-Fab kit in mine and my wifes Xmr's. It includes the front bracket lift, adjustable a-ams, 2" extended trailing arms with lift built in, and all new bushings and bearings installed. He gives you 6500 colors to choose from which enables you to customize, not to mention a lifetime warrenty. It is a little more expensive at 1200 but you get what you pay for. Look him up on his facebook page C-Fab Atv.
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Thanks man. I looked at their stuff and man it's nice but I was hoping to stay a little lower in the price range.
Would I be able to just to spring spacers in the front and keep everything else the same. It just seems like the front sags to much.
You can but i am not sure about clearing 29's. If you lift the rear of a G1 the axles will need to be changed. They are a little shorter than the G2's.
Not sure about the G1s, but I put spring spacers on the wife's 650 with 28" Mega Mayhems and it has 13.5 inches of clearance.


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Thanks. Maybe that's what I will do. Just spacers in the front and run 28" tires.
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