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Outlander LINQ fuel can

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Well since oddly enough can-am doesn't make a Linq fuel can for the quads I decided to make something that will work for the ski-doo linq fuel can, in the summer I go for long trail rides and having the peace of mind of having spare fuel that is secured properly is nice to have.
Purchased right from a brp dealer the skidoo linq fuel can and the brp linq replacement latches, both together ended up costing $150cdn, Ya its a little expensive for a spare fuel can but the fast easy removal with no straps or bungee cords to let go is well worth it.
The entire can and brackets literally removes in seconds.
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Now if they only made a cooler that used the LINQ system... Looks good man
I realize you adapted this and also what I'm about to say is going to sound like a rant, but please don't take it that way. I'm literally laughing so hard I almost peed myself. That just seems to be another testament to the fine engineering skills of BRP. Please tell me it's moulded that way to blend into the SkiDoo? KISS is obviously not in their vocabulary. It reminds me of Virginia Tech engineers who design the roads and parking lots here. They operate under the principle, if I had my head up my @#$ what would I do.

Why couldn't it be flat and sleek like the Kolpin or Rotopax?
Yes, it is shaped perfectly to fit around the Ski Doo seat and to fit on the tunnel with their storage great. I too wish they would make one for the quads, not just the sleds because I find extra gas is more useful on a ATV than snowmobile.
Positive spin that can be put on this being adapted to an atv is that if you own a skidoo and a Canam atv you could use the fuel can all year round.
Agreed at least he only has to buy one at that price! Now that you mention it why don't they have more crossover products between the sports? Ok so now I'm curious, can you get two of those cans on your Doo? I kind of wish we had enough snow to justify one but wife would kill me.
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