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PC5 Map with Target AFR for 2015 1000 XMR

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Hello -

I installed a PC5 with Autotune in my 2015 1000 XMR. The map I got with the PC5 is for an Outlander 1000 stock and 1 cylinder, no AFR table. I was going to use the AFR table from my 2011 800 xmr, but the new 2015 xmr is geared much lower, so I am always riding at a higher RPM then my 2011 800 xmr.

I have added a "Twin Air" Air Filter and a Big Gun EXO Series Slip On exhaust.

Does anyone have a map created for two cylinders with the Target AFR?

What are my other options, use the stock map and set up Auto Tune for 13.1 across the table?

I have attached photos from what I am currently using in the PC5. It is the stock Outlander 1000 map and a modified AFR table from very generic suggestions from Dynojet. These tables represent about 4 to 5 hours of riding and letting autotune collect data. I accepted 2 different trims in these two fuel tables.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


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