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picked up y 650 xmr

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so I picked up my 650 xmr yesterday and I couldn't be happier,it looks mean,drives awsome for the having 28 mudzillas onhavnt really got to punch it or test out the power,trying to break it in easy for the first couple hrs.any tips or anything I should know about with these animals plse let me know,,thnx,,
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You'll love it them mudzilla will get you through Tha nasty stuff but not too aggressive & I broke my rear axle so watch out.
Right on man,, weird question but do u find the seat hard, I got on my buddys 650 xtp (2010) and his seat is so much softer and comfortable, ,
Congrats !!!
Thnx man
so I wonder if the regular outlander seat is the same,,or if it is softer it would b worth buying and putting on the xmr,,any thoughts?
My wife's XT seat is way softer. I'm guessing it would fit.
that would be awesome if the xt soft seat would fit,can u try your wifes xt seat and if it fits pm me sizzler or just update this form,,thnx man
lol.ya sizzler I tried my buddys 2010 650 xtp seat ,it no worky either,but I wonder if the new xt seat is softer and wonder if it would fit,hmmmmm????
Might be worth a try because my ass got sore last Sunday riding.
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