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Hey so I just joined here cause I need help. I just got my first atv, a 2002 sportsman 400 but haven't been able to use it yet. I apologize i know its not can just looking for help.
When I picked it up it wouldn't go over like 20mph. After doing research I found that I should rebuild the secondary clutch, buttons, check helix, belt, resurface sheaves, and adjust with shims for the new belt, and I've done all that. I'm new to atvs, but very use to working on cars and motorcycles. Anyways. I put everything back together per how I disassembled it but also following the manual and youtube videos, and have taken it apart and back together like 4x now, and feel confident everything is as it should be. In neutral everything seems good. If I put it in reverse it starts to back up on its own with no throttle, which isn't right. And if I put it in high the secondary clutch goes completely open, belt drops all the way down, and if I give it gas, the primary spins and closes but the secondary stays completely the belt just flops around and I don't move. The spring is not broken, sheaves are clean, new buttons. New belt, spring is in hole #2 on clutch and helix, clutches are aligned.......I don't know what to do! I've been researching like crazy and can't figure it out. Please help. First 2 pics show what it does when I put it into gear
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