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Plugged tire

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So while mowing my pasture this past week I must have ran over a goathead weed. Because I noticed the next day my front tire was flat. Took it to my local Les Schuab tire store to get it patched. Well they put a plug in it instead. Is it safe ? Never had a plugged tire before .
On a side note are the Carlisle A.C.T tires that came stock on my 650XT that weak ?They only have 65 miles on them .
Thanks Allen
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Plugs work great and I've had them last the life of the tire. I carry a plug kit and a 12v air pump in every vehicle. It will save your day when you need them.
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I've plugged at lest one tire on every quad I've owned. I even plug my Dodge tires when I can. Side wall plugs don't usually hold air and are not safe though.
The stocks tire are light duty, only 3 ply rated. Not sure if a 6 or 8 ply rated would be immune to that weed though. Generally, everyone typically upgrades their tires to heavier duty tires at some point.
So far the tires still holding air. Going to upgrade in the spring
I live in an area that has thorn trees, I have taken tires off and found 12 plugs that we put in during the year,. Not really an issue. We do inject a leak sealer in each tire when the machine is new, stuff will coat the thorns/plugs and either slow leak or stop it. Stuff I am adding to my new XMR is called Slime.
That goo is also corrosive to Aluminium, so be careful with aluminum wheels…..
ACT tires a garbage there like riding on balloon i got 2 flats in amonths took them off and put zillas on not a problem since. Another attempt by can am to buy bulk cheap parts for there machines, if i get a plug i replace the tire because if you hit in hard in that spot another flat i found out and goo is bad for alumium wheels it makes them corrode on the inside
They are garbage. They will leave you riding the rim home.
I had a stick go through my tire. I have a friend that works at a repair shop & I got him to put a plug patch on the hole.
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