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Primary clutch install.. Do I need the puller to reinstall??

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Basically trying to reinstall my primary.. How do I ? With the clutch puller? Or put the primary and bolt on and tighten it down?
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If someone could answer shortly, that'd be great.. I'm currently in the process of the job
Just clean the mating surfaces and stick it on. Torque to spec.
Assemble clutch on crank, install bolt , torque to 74LbsFt. Thats how I do it on my Outty 800.
I couldn't get the torque wrench to crank it down on 74lbs without feeling like I'm going to break the primary or without flipping the motor.. So I took the impact and hammered it down.. when the motor gets back in the bike I'll start it up and let it run so everything moves around and tighten it back down..

Thanks guys
You need to use something to hold the primary to keep it form spinning. Bad idea to impact it on. Makes removal later a HUGE pita.
When I did mine I tried to torque to spec but it really felt like I was going to twist the bolt off so I stopped there.
I'm aware using an impact isn't the ideal way to do things.. but don't have much to work with and was by myself.. I couldn't hold the pry bar and torque it at the same time without the motor wanting to tip over or the primary feeling like it's going to break..
I set the impact to 75lb and tightened it up.. Taking the the bolts back out hasn't ever been a problem for me, the impact knocks them right off.. You just to work with what you have.. Now I have to put the motor back in today, that will be the hard part
The bolt is not the problem. Getting the primary off the taper is.
Just a quick question : Why would you install the primary on the motor before dropping the motor back in the frame?
Because I took the motor out with the belt housing and stuff on.. Same way I put it back on the bike.. Didn't make anything a hassle.. Hardest part was getting the solid motors to fit in the brackets.. Had to grind them down a tad and tap it down into place.
Alright, everyone has their own way of doing things i guess lol. Let us know how you like those motor mounts, kinda thinking about getting some in the near future. Hope she doesn't give you anymore trouble after all that work.
Oh I most definitely chime in after I get a good ride with them in.. I hope the trouble is gone too.. I pretty much did an over haul on it, replacing all the seals, bearings and such.. It's been a 3 month process so far..
Hoping to get out for a memorial weekend ride
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