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Problems filling rad relocate

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So I was servicing my 2013 renegade 800 and decided to take the rad off and clean it. While it was off I rerouted some hoses on my rad relocate and put it back together. I installed a T at the top for ease of filling and still had problems with getting air out of the system. I know there is threads about it but has anyone found a easy way to fill them and get all the air out?
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check out my response in this thread from a while back.
after fighting with mine this is what i came up with and its been a non-issue ever since.
i should also mention i did this without using a T-connection as i didn't want a piece of hosing visible all the time.
It says in the tread that you filled it with the overflow cap off. Iv read other ones saying they filled the overflow and capped it before filling
the idea behind leaving it off is for the system to burp any remaining air trapped inside the system. if you leave it sealed you run the risk of your system pressuring up and steadily bleeding coolant through the weep line.
it's your machine but i know this worked for me
Thanks for the input. This has been a real pain. I'll give it a try this weekend.
no worries man. i remember clearly how frustrating it was.
i just want to mention one more thing... it's a good idea to park outside while doing the first start after filling. the system will purge the air and while doing so its a good idea to keep an eye on the level in the overflow as it'll be raising and lowering as things get moving.
If I'm letting It idle and the fan doesn't shut off does that mean there is still air in the system?
the fan should kick in when the thermostat hits max temp can't remember specifically what temp (somewhere around 175 deg F i think) and kick off when it drops.
i had exactly the same issues as you did and chances are i'm guessing when you were tinkering you probably just opened the overflow and ran it hoping it'd work... it won't as you have an airlock.
you physically have to drain the entire coolant system from the drain at the bottom of the water pump and refill it exactly as i mentioned in that thread i referred you to.
other things that can make a difference are massaging the coolant lines in an effort to move the air out and driving your front end up on ramps in an effort to get the fill point as high as possible.
i can't stress enough to fill the radiator itself and the inlet lines to the brim separately before coupling them together. once the coolant is cycling and the fan is intermittently switching on and off you can top off the overflow to the "full" mark but that is the only time i would add coolant there.
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